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System compatibility test

Get ready for your training

Check your system’s connectivity and media devices to ensure training runs smoothly.

Base system requirements

  • Stable internet connection
    We recommend a bandwidth of around 5-10mbps (mbit).
  • Disable blockers
    We recommend disabling any ad blockers, script blockers or VPN client.

Test your system

Please make sure:
  • You use the same device and network for the testing that you do for the training session.
  • Your media devices are working, the mic is not muted, and the webcam and speakers are on.
  • You're not downloading or sharing files, or using other video and music streaming services.
Network Requirements
Please run the external network requirement test to make sure that:
Port 443 is open.
WebSocket traffic is allowed in the organization's firewall (over http and https).
If any of these are blocked, please contact your IT administrator to unblock them.
Audio and Video
If the training session you are attending is delivered remotely, please run the external audio and video test to ensure Strigo is able to access your camera, microphone and speakers.
Browser Compatibility
We recommend running Strigo using Chrome version 70 or later, but it should also work on Firefox and Edge version 79 or later.
Your current browser is v, which we do not currently support.
While Strigo may work, the experience may be far from optimal. We suggest using one of the recommended browsers.
Screen Resolution
Strigo will work well on resolutions higher than 1280x720.

Note: The recommended resolution only applies to Strigo's interface.
The resolution of the labs is also affected by the lab's configuration.
If you experience any issues with your lab's resolution, please contact your course provider or event host for assistance.

For more information, please refer to our docs.
Your screen's resolution is 0x0. Running on lower resolutions than the recommended minimum may result in unwanted artifacts.
Domain Requirements